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Making a Difference Relay

We are excited to announce that we will be starting our “Good Deed Relay”, called ‘Making a Difference’ on Wednesday 1st March 2017, Ash Wednesday.

We have been asked by Pope Francis to follow on from the year of Mercy by having a year of ‘Making a Difference.’ So, How will you make a difference?
We are looking for willing participants including Staff, Governors, Parents, Children and extended family members to put their name to a day where they will mindfully and purposefully engage in an act of kindness, to contribute to our ‘Making a Difference’ Relay. This can be done as an individual or as a family unit. It’s entirely up to you how you join in. The acts of kindness can be as big as you like or they can be small gestures that make all the difference.


If you would like to participate, email or phone Miss Roberts ( or 01242 513659) and let her know which day over the next year you would like to 'make a difference'.  She will send out any details you need to know. 

Examples of how to make a difference:
The acts that make a difference can be as big as you like or they can be small gestures that make all the difference. As a school, we would like to make a significant link with our Catholic ethos when carrying out our deeds to make a difference. Many deeds can be linked with the corporal works of Mercy, so here are a few ideas (but you will have many others we’re sure) of what you could do:
 Clothe the naked– take unwanted clothes to a charity shop.
 Feed the hungry– visit a homeless shelter or give donations to an SVP box in the entrance hall.
 Make a meal and invite a neighbour for dinner. The elderly would be particularly grateful for your company.
 Donate your pocket money to a charity of your choice.
 Wash someone else’s car.
 Take someone else’s dog for a walk.
 Spend time talking to an elderly or sick person.
 Buy someone a bunch of flowers to say thank you or cheer them up.
 Pay people compliments.
 Volunteer for a charity/ organisation for a day.
 Do an extra favour for someone.
 Collect stuffed animals or toys from family members, friends, and neighbours and donate them to an organization that helps children.
 Read or play games with the elderly– visit a nursing/ retirement home.
 Write a letter to a relative.