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Maths Games Library

Maths Games Library
There are a range of maths games for you and your child to play at home, covering various areas of mathematics. We hope that by opening the games library we will be creating an opportunity for you to spend quality time together, discussing and enjoying mathematics.
How it works 

  • Our  Maths Game Library is open once a fortnight
  • Find us on the tarmac area on your approach to the playground before collecting your child. 
  • Come and have a look at the exciting games that we have.
  • Choose your game from the selection on offer. 
  • Play the game over the weekend. 
  • You can keep the game at home till the following Monday.
  • Fill in the slip, let us know what you think and if anything was missing. 
  • Return it to school—drop it in the collection box located outside by the entrance gate. 
  • Your completed review slip is then popped into a draw where you could  win a prize at the end of term. 
  • Please ensure that all games are returned in the condition that they are lent out so that we can continue to run the library. In the event that you do loan a game that has items missing, you will find in the maths game pack a form, please complete so that we can keep an audit of the games.

We look forward to seeing you at the Maths Games Library!


5 Reasons to Borrow a Game 

  • BUILD YOUR SKILLS - We have over 150 games in our maths library and all of them have an educational value. However, it’s not just about the national curriculum, it’s also about those interpersonal skills. If your child struggles with waiting or turn taking, always wants to win and struggles when they lose, playing board games can help your child learn those skills. 
  • BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER - In our busy lives it can sometimes be tricky to have a conversation without screens. Sitting down and playing a fun game can help conversations to start. Many of our games involve problem solving and can help promote team work. 
  • LIFT YOUR MOOD - Playing a game can be a great mood booster; enjoy playing with your children and watch the excitement. Their excitement is infectious. 
  • BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE - It really isn't the winning that matters, it’s all about trying your best. The more you play a game the better you get at it. Lots of games involve dice and can be a great way to get your child to learn simple addition, number bonds or doubles.  Who doesn't love a double 6? 
  • THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. - Our maths games library has games for all abilities and ages throughout the school.