The Catholic School of St Gregory The Great Believe and Achieve

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Y4 Preparation & Transition


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Upon entering Year 4, we hope that the children will be able to…

  • Become increasingly independent and wish to become more involved with school, hobbies, sporting activities and friendships
  • Have well-developed coordination and be keen to show off physical abilities
  • Be able to take turns and play cooperatively
  • Be keen to form strong bonds with others and be supportive of classmates
  • Possibly begin to take life more seriously and may begin to worry more
  • Gain a sense of competition in themselves or others
  • Begin a task independently 
  • Use DUMTUMS – Write own date and WALT
  • Be able to tidy classroom after themselves
  • Be responsible for organising themselves ready for lessons and looking after their belongings
  • Work cooperatively in a group
  • Build on or challenge the views of others
  • Write continuously for 30 minutes
  • Tie shoelaces
  • Write in cursive script, presenting work neatly


During Year 4 we hope that the children will be able to…

  • Begin to get a sense of their own place in the world and develop stronger interests and opinions of their own
  • Carry on longer conversations and use more sophisticated language.
  • Focus less on themselves and be able to empathise with others.
  • Probably have friends of the same gender, but mix with the opposite sex more.
  • Become more alert regarding what others think about them.
  • Become more modest about their bodies
  • Punctuate sentences accurately with full stop and capital letter as a minimum
  • Read regularly and be able to discuss what they have read.
  • Use problem solving skills to think through situations for themselves more independently, e.g. no paper, pencil - go and get them
  • Take initiative to challenge themselves further
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Support and encourage their classmates


Y4 Curriculum

What will Year 4 be learning this year?


Terms 1 & 2 Terms 3 & 4 Terms 5 & 6
The Ancient Egyptians The Radical Romans  "The Abominables" -


  • PE days on Monday pm, every other Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • PE Kits; please make sure your child has the correct coloured t-shirt representing their house team. PE kits will need to be in school at all times.


Y4 Trips

Will my child be going on any trips this year?

There are lots of exciting trips and activities to look forward to and enjoy in Year 4. 


Useful Information

  • Please ensure all belongings come in a book bag or small rucksack.
  • Uniform; please make sure everything is named.
  • Water Bottles; these need to be clearly named and filled with fresh drinking water every day. The children will have access to this throughout the day.
  • Please ensure no toys or other belongings come into school.
  • Optional SATS in May.
  • Times Table Check in June.
  • Homework is set and given out on a Friday – due in the following Thursday. Spelling test on Friday.