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Admissions - If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. Mrs Brooke in the school office is happy to take any questions you may have and organise a tour of the school. Please contact her on 01242 513659.

Foundation Stage places


In Gloucestershire children start school in the school year in which they turn 5.


The Catholic School of Saint Gregory The Great is a primary school and has pupils aged 4 to 11 in 7 year groups from Foundation Stage through to Year 6.


The majority of applications for Foundation Stage are made between October and January for intake in September. Information about the process and the County Council online application form will be available in the autumn on the County Council website. Alternatively you can contact the Access to Education Team directly on 01452 425407. You will also need to send copies of your child's birth certificate and baptism certificate (if applicable) which should be returned directly to the school at  This should be done before the closing date for applications.


Gloucestershire Local Authority is responsible for all the allocation of school places for children joining Reception.The Governors are responsible for ranking the applications according to the Admissions Policy of that year.


Applying for a school place during the school year (in-year applications)


If your child is starting or changing schools at other times, or you move to the area during the school year you will need to apply for a school place in the first instance directly to the school using the In Year Admissions Common Application Form, which is available on the County Council website. Further advice can be sought from the In Year Team. Please read the documents on the County Council website  regarding applying for a place during the academic year and download and fill in an In Year Application form. As stated on the In Year Form copies of your child's birth certificate, baptism certificate (if applicable) and proof of address are also required to support your application.This can be read in more detail in the Admissions Policy of that year.


2017 Admission Policy Criteria with information of allocated places for each category

151 application were received.

5.1 Baptised Catholic Looked after Children and previously looked after children, for whom the school has seen a copy of the Certificate of Baptism. (0)

5.2 Baptised Catholic children, for whom the school has seen a copy of the Certificate of Baptism, living in the Parishes of St. Gregory The Great, Cheltenham or Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Cheltenham. (26)

5.3 Baptised Catholic children, for whom the school has seen a copy Certificate of Baptism, who live outside the parishes of St. Gregory The Great Cheltenham or Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Cheltenham.(26)

5.4 Looked After Children and previously looked after children who do not fall into Category 5.1. (1)

5.5 Children who will have a brother or sister at the school at the time of their admission. (3)

5.6 Children of other Christian faiths as listed in Churches Together (Appendix 1), for whom the school has seen a copy of the Certificate of Baptism or a signed reference from their Minister. (4)

5.7Other applicants not in the above categories. (0)


Number of Applications received

The number of applications received for admission in 2016 was 147 and the number of places allocated within each category for 2016-17 is shown below.

  Admission Criterion for 2016 Number of children offered places
  5.1 2
  5.2 21


  5.5 13
  5.6 19
  5.7 3
  5.8 1


Appeals Information




Monday 16th April 2018

LA offers a school place to all who have returned the CAF, where possible at one of their stated preferred schools.


Monday 30th April 2018

Deadline for accepting the place offered or submission of requests for reconsideration of a place at the preferred school.


After Tuesday 15th May 2018

Parents are notified of the outcome of their request for reconsideration.


By Friday 25th May 2018

Appeal Application forms must be returned to Charlton Kings Infants' School. Forms received after this date may have to wait longer for a hearing.


By Tuesday 29th May 2018

Reconsideration forms to be returned to the LA with acceptance of the offered place (it is wise to accept the offered place as this does not prevent you from appealing for other schools).


From June to the middle of July 2018

Appeal hearings will be arranged by the school no earlier than 20 days after national notification day and within 40 school days of the date for submitting appeals and parents/guardians notified of their date 10 school days in advance.

Admissions Authority (ie. the school Board of Governors)

From 30th October 2017 to 22nd May 2018

If your appeal is a late application for the normal entry in September, appeals will be heard within 30 school days of the 1st May if possible.


After 25th May 2018

Applications for appeal after this date will be heard within 40 school days.



Admission Appeals hearings will take place.

Independent Clerk





(that is, any application for a school place made after 30th October 2017)





From 30th October 2017 onwards




Parents should contact the school of their choice to request a place.



The school will ask you to complete a Common Application Form for In-year admissions. This is sent to the LA for them to register your child on the county schools roll.



If the school does not have a place and you wish to appeal, the school will give you an application form and information about appeals. You return the form to the school.




After the main September appeal hearings have taken place, your appeal will be arranged within 30 school days following receipt of the completed application form.



Additional supporting evidence for your appeal must be received no later than 5 school days before the hearing. Papers received any later may not be considered by the Panel unless there is a good reason for the delay, such as a medical document.