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360 Degree Safe Mark


The 360 degree safe self review tool is free to use and is intended to help schools review their e-safety policy and practice. It provides:

  • Information and stimulus that can influence the production or review of e-safety policies and develop good practice.

  • A process for identifying strengths and weaknesses.

  • Opportunities for commitment and involvement from the whole school.

  • A continuum for schools to discuss how they might move from a basic level provision for e-safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative.

Intermediate International Award



The DCSF International School Award is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools. The scheme provides recognition for teachers and their schools working to instill a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people. We are currently working towards our Full International Award.

The ISA supports schools to develop the following:
  • An international ethos embedded throughout the school
  • A majority of pupils within the school impacted by and involved in international work
  • Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools
  • Curriculum-based work across a range of subjects
  • Year round international activity
  • Involvement of partner schools and the wider community in the UK


Active Mark


Activemark is an accreditation scheme for the primary sector that recognises and rewards a school for its commitment to promoting the benefits of physical activity and offering good physical activity provision. The programme provides schools with a thorough auditing and development tool to help raise the standard of physical activity provision. The Activemark process is closely linked with the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) The Active School Resource Pack for Primary Schools, which offers practical steps and guidance on how to plan, as well as ideas on improving all-round physical activity provision.


Activemark is awarded to schools who have at least 90% of pupils across the school doing at least 2 hours high quality PE and Sport a week. The award is re-assessed each year. 

Healthy Schools Award


The Healthy Schools Programme (NHSP) is an initiative which promotes a whole school / whole child approach to health. The Programme has existed since 1999 and is recognised as a key delivery mechanism in the Children’s Plan (DCSF 2007) and in Healthy Weight, healthy Lives (DH 2008) – 21st Century White Paper reference.


Healthy Schools is intended to deliver real benefits in respect of:


  • Improvement in health and reduced health inequalities;
  • Raised pupil achievement;
  • More social inclusion; and,
  • Closer working between health promotion providers and education establishments


The intended outcome is for all children to be healthy and achieve at school and in life by providing opportunities at school for enhancing emotional and physical aspects of health. In the longer term, this should lead to improved health, reduced health inequalities, increased social inclusion and raise achievement for all.

Bristol Standard


The Bristol Standard is a self-evaluation framework to help individual organisations to improve on their previous best. It involves working together on developments to improve outcomes for all children and families and takes a year to complete. In using the Bristol Standard, practitioners become part of a process that protects and celebrates the wonder of childhood through well-informed and reflective practice.


Every year a celebration evening is held at the Council House for all practitioners in settings who currently hold the Bristol Standard

Fairtrade Status


June 2012 - We have been awarded Fairtrade School status for the coming year. The certificate is on display in the main entrance and the logo is displayed on our letters. We will need to renew again next year so we will be continuing to promote Fairtrade in school and the wider community. Special thanks to Mrs Till in getting all the necessary evidence.

Year of Faith


This year the Pope has called us to ‘The Year of Faith’ (PORTA FIDEI). The Pope says ’I have spoken of the need to rediscover the journey of faith so as to shed ever clearer light on the joy and renewed enthusiasm of the encounter with Christ.’ And, as such, the Pope would like all Catholics to rediscover their journey. We are going to be sharing this journey with our children through a variety of activities and events, starting with the Big


Assembly in Colston Hall at the end of September. As a school we are going to take part in ‘Little Prayer Week’ where our children will be taking part in activities around St Therese of Liseux. There are lots of activities going on in the Parish, Deanery and Diocese to help you and your family grow in the Faith.