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The school has a published admission number of 60 pupils per year split into two classes of 30.
If the year group you are applying to is at full capacity you will be refused a space at our school under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 on the grounds that ‘compliance with your preference would prejudice the provision of efficient education and the efficient use of resources for reasons of overcrowding’.
You do have a legal right of appeal against this decision not to offer a place for your child and should you wish to do this please contact the School Office at St Gregory’s School for the necessary paperwork to do this.

The Appeal Process

  • Firstly, fill out our Appeals paper work found below.
  • Email us your form to and we will then pass this onto Gloucestershire County Council.  
  • GCC will contact you with an appeal date. 
  • Your appeal will be heard by an independent panel who will consider your reasons for requesting a place at our school for your child.  They do have the power to overturn our decision should they feel this is appropriate based upon your child’s needs and the capacity or resources of our school.
  • Questions and answers about appeals

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC)
Gloucestershire County Council has a dedicated In-year Admissions Team available to support parents through the admissions process. They will be able to discuss other schools in the area with you and help you find your child a place at an alternative school. They will also be able to talk you through the appeals process and answer any other queries you may have. We will also pass your details on to the County Council so they know you are looking for a school place for your child and can make contact with you to offer their assistance. 



Useful Information