The Catholic School of St Gregory The Great Believe and Achieve

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Y5 Preparation & Transition

View our Transition Year 5 2020 doc


What do we hope children can do as learners before Y5?

  • Start to have a longer attention span.
  • Become more interested in the world around them and find out how things work.
  • Start to deal with frustrations and conflicts in a more mature way.
  • Develop more self-control, being able to  recover from mood swings or outbursts more quickly.
  • Develop a strong moral sense of right and wrong and become increasingly concerned with fairness. 


During Year 5 we hope that the children will be able to…


  • Punctuate sentences accurately, without prompting, with full stop and capital letter as a minimum.
  • Be able to tie shoe laces, top buttons and ties independently.
  • Take care of own equipment – not losing pencils, rulers, coats, trainers etc.
  • Remember homework, PE kit, swimming kit and water bottles on correct day, without support from parents.
  • Tidy up after themselves and work together to look after the classroom environment.
  • Support and encourage classmates, showing respect to others.
  • Begin to show resilience in challenging situations.
  • Actively participate in all lessons.


Y5 Curriculum

What will Year 5 be learning this year?


Term 1 & 2 Term 3 & 4 Term 5 & 6
What did the Greeks do for us? Rivers & Flooding Invaders & Settlers



Which days will Year 5 have PE?

  • PE kit should be in school every day. Later in the year we will also be swimming; exact dates to be confirmed closer to the time.


Y5 Trips

Will my child be going on any trips this year?

There are lots of exciting trips and activities to look forward to and enjoy in Year 5. 


Useful Information

  • Mathletics homework is set on a Friday and needs to be completed by the following Friday
  • Spelling homework sheets are sent home on a Monday and need to be handed in on Friday
  • Spelling test on Friday
  • CATs tests in October/November
  • PE kit to stay in school all term