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Our Training


The Chaplaincy Team is supported and led by the Chaplaincy Lead, the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team. As part of their role, members of The Chaplaincy Team take part in termly training sessions so that they can learn how to best support pupils and staff. It also allows the team time to be together and bond, so that they can learn from and support one another in order to carry out their responsibilities successfully.


Our Chaplaincy Team training is built around the needs of the school and our community, as well as ensuring that the team are given all the help they require to carry out their responsibilities. At the start of every school year, we get to know one another and we explore the attributes that a member of the team should aim to have, linking this to the Chaplaincy member job description.

Chaplaincy Training Getting to know each other


On our return from lockdown, The Chaplaincy Team’s training was focused on prayer, including how we define prayer in our own way, the different types of prayer and the use of our school prayer spaces. We felt that following such a long time apart, uniting our school community together again through the power of prayer and Collective Worship was necessary.


Chaplaincy Training on Prayer Areas

The Chaplaincy Team’s training has also focused on monitoring the prayer life and spirituality of the school in a variety of ways. Our members regularly review class prayer areas, the manner in which our school Chapel is being used and most recently, members have carried out some pupil conferencing, asking children across the school about their use of prayer spaces and their thoughts on prayer within our school. As a result of this monitoring, The Chaplaincy Team are putting the finishing touches to an interactive resource called ‘Prayer Helpers’, which provides classes with a range of different prayers, recorded and written (with symbols for those that require them), and ready to be used. This aims to ensure that prayer remains central to school life at The Catholic School of St Gregory the Great and its importance is felt by everyone.

Chaplaincy Team Training
Prayer Monitoring