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Community United

"Community United - We’re stronger together "

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About Community United

Community United voluntary group was formed in early 2019 to help bring people together not only within the school but also in the wider community. Teachers and parents volunteered for the group with the overall aim to help build and sustain resilience in the children but also to provide an extended support network for families related to St Gregory's. To date, we have roughly around ten attendees and have had great success with our activities last year.



  • International Food Fiesta  - This event has been designed to give the children and their parents a chance to have fun together, try new foods, celebrate the diversity within our school community and meet other families too.  These events are important as they will encourage both Parents and Children, through our activities at the event and the food tasting, to explore different cultures and traditions in a fun environment. We have much to celebrate with the diversity of our school!


Join the team

We’re currently looking for willing people to become part of the next phase of activities to share ideas, support the team, unite families and continue the fabulous work we do to enrich our communities on going. It is time for us to now build on the huge success of our food fiestas and welcome new faces to group which will be beneficial to all.


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