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Parking is an issue at all Schools and we are no different.  There is no safe or legal place to park or drop off your child near the School, therefore, please take advantage of the parking facilities at Waitrose which is a 2 minute walk into school.


In joining our school, you agree to help keep all our children safe by following our rules on parking.  The General Manager at Waitrose has kindly agreed to our parents using Waitrose car park for a short time during the school term. Parents can park their car in their store car park at the start of the school day, between 8.35am and 9.15am, and at the end of the school day between 14:50pm and 15.30pm.  This will give you time to walk round to the School and back to your car without rushing.  Please use this facility.  It will make coming to and going home from school much safer for our pupils.  


There should be no excuse for cars to be blocking our neighbours’ driveways and right of way, which in turn, has caused problems for us with both our neighbours and the Borough Council.  The road is regularly patrolled by traffic wardens who will issue parking fines and we ask that all our parents and help us police this and ring 101 to report any vehicles illegally parked near our school and making it unsafe for our precious children.


The safety of our children is always our number one priority -
Please support us by not parking outside school as this endangers the lives of our pupils.


Active Travel Map

There has never been a better time for us all to seek healthier and more sustainable ways to travel.  Walking, cycling or scooting to school are the most accessible ways to reduce congestion and pollution, while also improving the mental and physical wellbeing of pupils.  We would like to take the opportunity to remind you of our school’s Active Travel Map. This was created a few years ago to encourage as many of us as possible to walk, cycle or scoot to school. We realise that many of us do not live within walking distance of the school therefore our active travel map enables you to see our ten minute walk zone which we hope will enable you to ‘park and stride’ to school.

Parents and carers are also still welcome to use the Waitrose car park to reduce congestion around the school. Cycle parking is currently limited at school due to the building of our new pastoral hub however we will be installing new cycle parking area as soon as we are able. 



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