The Catholic School of St Gregory The Great Believe and Achieve

Maths Growth Mindset


All Learners need to believe they can succeed and also know  that their teacher, and parents, believe they can succeed. Adopting a growth mindset is at the heart of a 'Can Do Maths’ approach including the use of 'yet’ and knowing that making mistakes is an essential part of learning. Parents, teachers and the media thinking it's acceptable to use phrases such as 'Don't worry, I can't do maths', 'Maths is too hard', etc. contributes to learners feeling that they 'can't do' maths. We believe at St Gregs that all pupils are capable of improving their understanding of mathematics. Pupils are neither ‘born with the maths gene’ nor ‘just no good at maths’. With good teaching, appropriate resources, effort and a positive mindset all pupils can enjoy and improve their achievement in mathematics. 


At St Gregs we believe that we are all mathematicians! 


Every year we invest time in going over the importance of having a growth mindset and spend time completing lessons which focus on how we can all be mathematicians. 




Each class has a vision for maths which reflects what our maths classrooms are like and each vision reinforces a ‘can do’ attitude.



Parents play a vital role in promoting a positive attitude to maths. 


Useful Information and Weblinks

Here are some useful sites for supporting a growth mindset at home with your child: