The Catholic School of St Gregory The Great Believe and Achieve

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 - 2024-25


Y3 Preparation & Transition

View Our Transition Year 3 2024-25 document.


Upon entering Year 3, we hope that the children will be able to:

  • Be curious- formulate own questions to classmates and teachers
  • Understand the importance of taking turns and sharing
  • Find solutions when conflicts arise
  • Change reading book independently
  • Change independently for PE, with the exception of top button and tie
  • Write first name and surname correctly
  • Stick sheets into their book neatly
  • Begin to use DUMTUMS – Write own date and WALT in cursive script.


During Year 3, we hope that the children will be able to:

  • Become increasingly independent and wish to become more involved with school, hobbies, sporting activities and friendships
  • Have well-developed coordination and be keen to show off physical abilities
  • Be able to take turns and play cooperatively
  • Be keen to form strong bonds with others and be supportive of classmates
  • Possibly begin to take life more seriously and be given more responsibility. 


Y3 Curriculum

Term 1&2Term 3&4Term 5&6

Digging Up the Past

The Stone Age

Down on the Farm

Food and Farming

We'll meet again

World War II



  • PE Kits; please make sure your child has the correct coloured t-shirt representing their house team.
  • PE kits will need to be in school at all times.
  • PE kits will be sent home at the end of each term for washing, please ensure it is sent back into school on the first day of the new term.


Y3 Trips

Will my child be going on any trips this year?
There are lots of exciting trips and activities to look forward to and enjoy in Year 3.  Below are some of the trips we would like to go on next year…

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Literature Festival 
  • Science Festival
  • Jazz Festival
  • Topic WOW Days
  • Wilson Museum
  • Cotswold Farm Park 
  • WW2 Evacuation 
  • Skillzone
  • Sports Events



  • What homework will Y3 receive?
    Reading Books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays. We expect your child to read each day –this means reading the same book more than once. In year 3, the children are expected to change their books themselves. Please also comment in your child’s reading book so we are aware of how they are progressing at home.  Spellings activity sheet - Sent home on a Friday and sent in the following Thursday or Friday.  Mathletics is set each Friday.

  • What Formal Tests will Y3 sit?
    Y3 will sit optional tests in May