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What do Schoolbeat Officers Do?


  • Build trusting relationships with school aged children.
  • Deliver 500 hours of educative inputs per school year, based on the PSHE curriculum and force operational priorities, primarily to year 6 through to year 9 pupils.
  • Facilitate timely and effective information sharing between Police, schools and other agencies aimed at preventing and intervening as early as possible.
  • Participate in and, where relevant, facilitate restorative interventions involving children from our allocated schools.


Why do we have Schoolbeat Officers?


  • With Police Officers in local schools building relationships with young people one goal is to prevent children becoming victims of crime by helping them to make safe, positive decisions. Another goal is to deter children from becoming offenders in the future.
  • Young people, and others the Officers will come into contact with, will feel more confident and comfortable in communicating with the Police as well as having more trust in them. This will assist in early reporting of any issues and will enhance relationships between Police and the local Community.


Schoolbeat Curriculum


  • Schoolbeat Officers offer the following lessons
  • Year 6 – Internet Safety, Online Relationships, Drugs&Peer Influence, Role of the Police
  • There are optional lessons for years 7-9 of Hate Crime, Bullying and Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Over time more lessons will be created depending on what other topics may be required.