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Digital Wellbeing

St Gregory Digital Wellbeing Group
We have a very active Digital Wellbeing Group who plan and maintain Online Safety provision for our children, parents/ carers, Governors, staff and the wider community.


Digital Wellbeing Group Members

Miss Fowler (Year 4 Teacher/ Computing & Digital Wellbeing Coordinator)

Mrs Charlotte Blanch (Headteacher),
Mrs. Cassidy (Year 2 Teacher)
Mrs Begum - (Year 6 Teacher/ School Council Coordinator)
Mrs Oliver - Lead Pastoral Practitioner
Mrs. Lewis (Teaching Partner)

Governor - Mr Holbrook
Parent – Mr David
Pupils – School Council


Members of the Digital Wellbeing Group will assist the Digital Wellbeing Coordinator with:
•    Developing and maintaining Online Safety provision within the school.
•    The production / review / monitoring of the school Online Safety policy / documents.
•    Regular monitoring of Online Safety incident logs, and then creating a log of incidents to inform future Online Safety developments. 
•    Ensuring that all staff are aware of the procedures that need to be followed in the event of an Online Safety incident taking place.
The key responsibilities of a Digital Wellbeing co-ordinator include:
• Developing an Online-safe culture

• Being the main point of contact on issues relating to Online Safety

• Putting together and leading an Online Safety team

• Raising awareness and understanding of Online Safety issues amongst all stakeholders, including parents and carers

• Embedding Online Safety in staff training, continuing professional development and across the curriculum and learning activities

• Keeping a log and reporting on Online Safety incidents

• Keeping up with relevant Online Safety legislation

• Liaising with the local authority and other agencies as appropriate

• Reviewing and updating Online Safety policies and procedures regularly