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Picture 1 Mrs Winter
Picture 2 Miss Kwiatkowska

Is your child used to speaking a language other than English?  It may seem quite daunting to go to school where the language spoken is different from the one you are used to speaking at home. However, there are many recognised benefits of being bilingual and a large number of children at St Gregory’s speak another language in addition to English, reflecting the diverse nature of our school, and our well established EAL department can help support in a variety of ways both in and out of the classroom


The department is managed by the Inclusion Lead.  It also has two dedicated teaching assistants, Mrs Winter who has a TESOL qualification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and Miss Kwiatkowska, whose first language is Polish and is bilingual. 


The EAL staff work closely with class teachers to produce individualised programmes of support to ensure that the needs of children with English as An Additional Language are met.  The needs of these pupils are reviewed through meetings with teachers and Parents/Carers.  Specific meetings are arranged to support parents such as ‘Welcome to school’, ‘Secondary Transfer Meeting’ and ‘Helping your child with SATs’, in addition to workshops to increase parents’ awareness of the English and Mathematics curriculum, where appropriate. 


There are many ways you can support your child at home and we have provided some links at the bottom of the page which you may find useful.  Sharing books and stories is a very simple, effective and enjoyable way of supporting your child.  This can either be done in English, or in your family’s first language which will help maintain and develop it alongside his or her acquisition of English.


Useful websites:


The British Council website has songs, animated stories with words shown and read aloud, plus related activities:


The Woodlands Junior School website has links to curriculum related content on the internet with many interactive activities:


The BBC education website has links to activities designed to support all subjects in the primary school curriculum at KS1 and KS2:


The emaths website provides (among other lots of useful things) maths dictionaries in a variety of languages:


A maths dictionary for children which includes pictures and examples can be found here:


So, if your child primarily speaks a language other than English, we are here to help and if you would like to talk to one of the members of staff on the team, please get in touch via the office and we look forward to meeting you.

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