The Catholic School of St Gregory The Great Believe and Achieve


The school employers are the Board of Governors. Their constitution is defined in law by the school's Instrument of Government. They meet as a full Board six times a year (minimum). Most of their work is completed in Committees which is then brought back to the full Board. They are responsible for the organisation, administration and finance of the school, as well as the underlying strategy that aims to improve standards. They are all volunteers.

The School Governors are responsible for:

  • The ethos and attitudes of the school and all concerned with it.
  • The school’s general appearance.
  • Admission of pupils.
  • School Uniform.
  • Curriculum Content.
  • Content of R.E. curriculum.
  • Community relations.

On an individual level, governors are expected to act like a 'critical friend', recognising and celebrating the achievements of the school, whilst pointing out shortcomings, striking an appropriate balance between support and challenge. They have a role to monitor the progress towards strategic priorities and targets, and that policies are correctly implemented.


he Governing Body of St Gregory's is made up of 14 Governors, made up as follows;


Foundation Governors These are appointed by the Bishop of Clifton, normally
based upon the recommendation of the local priest.
2 Parent Governors Must be a parent of a child at the school, and not employed
there for more than 500 hours or be an elected member of
the Local Authority. They are elected by parents unless the number
of nominations matches the number of vacancies.
1 Local Authority Governor They are appointed by the FGB and nominated by the
Local Authority. They cannot be anyone who is also
eligible to be a Staff Governor.
1 Staff Governor This person should be a member of staff, elected by their peers.
1 Ex officio Governor This post is filled by the Headteacher.
1 Co-opted Governor They are selected and appointed by the governing body
and have, in the opinion of the governing body, the skills
required to contribute to the effective governance of the school.


Meet Our Governing Body

Mrs Anna Elliott - Chair
Mrs Charlotte Blanch - Headteacher
Mr Owen Holbrook - Vice Chair
Father Tony Pazhayakalam - Foundation Governor
Mrs Marie-Therese Watt - Foundation Governor
Mr A Rozwadowski - Foundation Governor
Mr Peter Hopkins  - Foundation Governor
Mr Rastislav Mego - Foundation Governor
Mr James Saunders - Foundation Governor
Mrs Judith Lorman - Local Authority Governor
Mrs Judith Winchcombe  - Staff Governor
Mrs Alison Salcombe  -   Co-opted Governor
Mr Matt Bell - Parent Governor
Mr Avela Pukwana - Parent Governor
Mrs Helen Hindley - Clerk to Governors

Interested in becoming a Governor?

If you are interested in becoming a Governor at St Gregorys School, email the clerk of Governors for further information on positions which are vacant: admin@st-gregorygreat.gloucs,


Foundation Governor Nomination Form

Any prospective and existing governors wishing to apply must complete the latest nomination form (that replaces all previous versions of the form) 

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