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Milo’s Money

Milo’s Money
At Saint Gregory's, our EYFS and KS1 children have been learning about financial education through the Milo’s Money programme. Produced by the Just Finance Foundation, the programme acknowledges how children start to learn money habits as early as age 7. When children learn how to manage money well from a young age, the benefits last a lifetime.

Talking to children about money:

  • encourages positive habits
  • increases exposure
  • supports decision making skills
  • develops life skills
  • improves confidence around money

Milo’s Money includes a picture book, an online game and classroom resources. Within the story, Milo receives some money for the first time and seeks advice from other dinosaurs he knows and trusts within his community. Each one introduces him to a different key theme in financial education for him to consider.Over the school year, the EYFS and KS1 children complete a number of Milo’s Money sessions and complete the programme (7 sessions) by the end of Year 2.

Here are some quotes from our Year 2 children who have completed the Milo’s Money programme and said they felt more confident following the sessions:

  • ‘You can learn more about money. It teaches you different things like spending, saving and investing.’
  • ‘You can choose what to do with your money!’
  • ‘You can spend a little and save the rest.’
  • ‘It’s good to learn about money for when you’re grown up. You need it for bills, your job, going shopping and you can give it to charity.’
  • ‘If you learn about money, then you can understand it better. You won’t get confused – for example, you will know what change to get when you’re shopping.’
  • ‘It’s good to learn about money. It helps us in lessons.’
  • ‘You can learn more about coins and recognise them.’
  • ‘It helps you solve problems.’


The link to the Milo’s Money game, which supports learning across the programme, is: