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Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage - 2023-24

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Our EYFS vision

In EYFS, we aim for our children to be safe, happy, enthusiastic and engaged with a love of learning. The children will develop their own voices allowing them to confidently interact with others and they will build relationships with their peers and adults.  All children are able to make progress regardless of their starting points. There are high expectations of the children; both by members of staff and from the children themselves. Our staff are playful and inspiring, and nurture the children through positive and engaging interactions. The staff are a strong team; we are supportive of each other as well as of the children. Our learning environment is purposeful and accessible, and provides children with rich opportunities to follow their own interests and learn with increased independence. 


Our aims and objectives for EYFS are: 

  • To provide a safe, challenging, stimulating, caring and sharing environment which is sensitive to the needs of the child, including children with additional needs
  • To support children in developing their spiritual awareness and relationship with God 
  • To enable children to learn and develop skills, attitudes and understanding through the Development Matters Framework and Early Learning Goals
  • To support and develop language acquisition and understanding through language-rich environments
  • To enable children to make an effective transition from home to school and nursery to school
  • To use and value what each child can do 
  • To foster independence and self-control
  • To encourage children to show respect to adults, each other and the world around them
  • To work in partnership with parents and/or carers 
  • To prepare children for the transition into Year 1


Foundation Stage Preparation & Transition

What are the expectations of EYFS?

  • We expect Foundation Stage to have lots of fun!
  • We expect Foundation Stage to respect others and be kind to their peers.
  • We expect Foundation Stage to have a positive attitude to their learning and support those around them.
  • We expect children to become more independent as the year progresses - getting dressed by themselves, using the toilet themselves and doing up their own coats.


Foundation Stage Curriculum

What will EYFS be learning this year?

Term 1 - Super MeTerm 2 - Let’s CelebrateTerm 3 - Our Wonderful World

Our Families

Keeping our bodies healthy

People who help us

Changes in living memory

Cultures and religions

Birthdays and Christmas 



Thread of Love

Where we live and other places

Roles of people around us


Queens Hat

Term 4 - Food, Glorious, foodTerm 5 - All things wildTerm 6 - Whizz! Pop! Bang!

Making healthy choices

Life cycles


Growing food

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Similarities and differences in environments

Comparing and describing animals 

Our pets

Dear Zoo



Science experiments 
Changing states of matter
Changes in our lives  




Take a sneak peek 

Take a sneak peek at some of the things we've been up to!

Term 1Term 2
Term 3Term 4
Term 5Term 6



What does my child need to bring to school each day?

Book bag

Containing a reading book, reading record and a spare change of clothes if needed.
Water BottleWater bottle (water only!) with Sports cap
Winter Clothing             

Weather dependent (Coat, Hat, Scarf and gloves)

Summer ItemsPlease apply sun-cream onto your child in the mornings.
Lunch Box 

Lunch box if necessary (remember no NUTS in any form – including Nutella or nut spreads)


Which days will you have PE in EYFS?

We will have PE sessions on Friday. We will also have outdoor PE sessions as well as free flow into our EYFS outdoor areas.


How can I be part of my child’s learning journey?

  • We will keep you up to date and invite you to contribute to your child’s Online Learning Journal using Tapestry. We encourage you to contribute as often as possible as this will give us a broader view of your child and their interests.
  • Please also follow us on Twitter and check out our school website for regular updates.


Foundation Stage Trips

Will my child be going on any trips this year?

There are lots of exciting trips and activities to look forward to and enjoy in EYFS. 

Term 1 - Literature Festival                           

Term 2 - Pantomime

Term 3 - Local area walk

Term 4 - Pizza Express                           

Term 5 - Cotswold Farm Park

Term 6 - Science Festival

Other useful information about EYFS

  • The children will be entitled to a free school dinner from EYFS up until the end of Year 2.

  • Children will receive a free piece of fruit each day from EYFS up until the end of Year 2.

  • Children will also receive free milk up until their 5th Birthday.


Reception Baseline Assessment 
In the first few weeks of starting school, the EYFS Team will be really getting to know and tuning in to the needs of each of the EYFS children in their care. Each child will have the opportunity to spend time with their teacher, to carry out a Baseline Assessment. This will allow us to discover more about each child and aid us in providing for their individual needs. 
 What is it for?
The assessment will provide a snapshot of where pupils are when they arrive at school, establishing a new starting point to measure the progress they have made by the end of year 6.