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Garage Band —Inspire your child!

Year 5 have been receiving music lessons with a difference! We have been inspiring their musical interest by teaching them lots more about music technology and how to mix just like a music producer or DJ. They have achieved such a lot through these lessons that we actually thought that more children would greatly benefit from knowing more about how to mix music.


We have therefore arranged for a FREE parent learning session on how to use Garage Band (it’s a free App that can be downloaded) so that you can teach your child how to use it to produce something amazing…...perhaps even inspiring them to be the next big music producer.


This is open to parents of all year groups as this App can be used for all ages. This is also a great idea if your child often spends time on an electronic device as this is a way for them to channel the time they spend on it in a useful way.


The session will be on: Tuesday 26th March @ 9:00am at school. Please come to the school entrance hall and we will collect you from there.


Please book your free place (limited to 30 spaces).


Imagine how cool your child will think you are if you teach them how to mix their own tunes….perhaps even mixing them together!